During the fall 2017 I am organizing, together with Àlvaro del Pino, a learning seminar on Microlocal Sheaf Theory and Symplectic Topology. The goal is to learn the basics on the microsupport of sheaves, and how to use it to prove results in symplectic topology (notably the Arnol’d conjecture). In particular, we want to understand the proof of the Arnol’d conjecture for homogeneous Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms (following Guillermou-Kashiwara-Schapira).


The seminar usually takes place in room 610 of the Hans Freudenthal building, usually on Fridays, usually between 13:00 and 15:00


Here is a tentative list of the talks in the seminar, with links to the (handwritten) lecture notes.


Our main references are